What are the advantages and disadvantages of online commerce

Online commerce gives consumers access to the same prices nationwide, more time, and transparency, which leads to lower prices offline.

The development of e-commerce has led to increased competition in retail, people tend to compare prices, online businesses competing not only with each other but also with traditional stores, which have had to revise their business models to remain competitive in the market. in which the barriers to online entry are today lower than those related to offline.

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Advantages of online commerce based on reviews:

  • increased competition
  • a wider range of products available nationally
  • the same prices at the national level
  • decrease in offline prices due to transparency
  • time economy
  • much higher productivity per employee

Shopping – online commerce

The Internet has facilitated online shopping. Online commerce has grown a lot in recent years, with people being able to buy almost anything on the internet. It started with IT products, electronics, appliances, clothes and now we can buy holidays, jewelry, banking, insurance, food, and more.

With just a few clicks, you can make regular supplies, without having to go to stores and without carrying kilograms of food. In addition to the advantage of fast shopping, online now you can find anything and much faster. You no longer have to run around the shops and look for your favorite products in supermarkets. Everything is a click away. If you can’t find it in the country, you can easily order it from another country and even from another continent.

Payment of utilities

The Internet has transformed the way we interact with service providers. If 10-15 years ago the interaction was physical, at the headquarters/office of the service provider, now everything happens online.

Electricity, internet subscription, telephone subscription, TV services, maintenance, all can be paid for through the internet. Not all users practice this, but every year the number of those who choose the convenience of online increases.

At the same time, it is very easy to change your subscriptions. Service providers have adapted the way they communicate with customers, allowing them to perform operations on their platform with just a few clicks. Flexible and easy-to-configure subscriptions have appeared right from the provider’s website.

Work from home

The Internet has changed the way more and more people choose to work. For several years there has been this “call” to telework – work from home. Working from home is no longer a fad, but a necessity. It is much more pleasant to work from the comfort of your own home, even if the interaction with the team/colleagues may not be so personal.

Not all jobs are suitable for telecommuting, but programmers, call center employees, accountants, consultants, sales agencies, etc. journalists, content creators and those who offer communication/marketing services can work from home, using information and communication technology to carry out daily activities.

Author: admwee